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1970-2016 Publication Order List

Investigative Research, Information Access, Privacy, Citizen Participation, Consumer Reports and Briefs

By Ken Rubin

212 Third Avenue
Ottawa K1S 2K3
(613) 234-2808

The publications listed below can be ordered from the above address. Prices are subject to change. Shipping and HST costs are now included for individual publication orders.


  • Digging for Data Over the Years: 1970-2016.
    ISBN 978-0-9865464-1-9
    ISBN 978-0-9865464-2-6

    A two part continue DVD review using print media stories as well as commentaries, that feature the investigative work and views of researcher Ken Rubin. This is an update until December 2016

  • A Lifetime Spent Battling Secrecy: Some Significant Struggles
    2015 self-published on web site, ISBN 978-0-98654-3-3

    An account of some key struggles for information about the food industry and the National Capital Commission and more



  • Using Canadian Freedom of Information Legislation.
    ISBN 0-920621-15-5.

    Highlighting how to use access, views on, and uses access legislation has been put to by one of Canada's most frequent access users.

  • Suggested Changes In Canada's 1982 Access To Information Act.
    ISBN 0-920621-13-9.

    A user plan for improvements in open government backed up with examples of problem areas.

  • Access To Cabinet Confidences.
    ISBN 0-920621-11-2.

    Personal experiences with access to cabinet records and documented cases of unnecessarily broad use of cabinet secrecy, and recommended reforms.

  • Testing the Spirit of Canada's Access to Information Act.
    ISBN 0-920621-00-7.

    An account of over 175 access test cases in 1982-84.

  • Opening the Door a Crack.
    ISBN 0-920621-04-X.

    A review of the 1982 Canadian Access to Information Act that examines both problems with access procedures and underlying federal information practices.

  • The Public's Right to Information Act in the Federal Government As Viewed by Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and Senators.
    ISBN 0-920621-08-2.

    A survey done for the then ACCESS citizen group reviewing the information access policies of federal departments and the views of federal parliamentarians.

  • Promoting Freedom of Information: A Collection of Briefs and Articles 1976-84.
    ISBN 0-920621-06-6.

    The collection includes parliamentary submissions advocating FOI legislation and articles on citizens' need to know.

  • A Review of Access Cases 1983-84.
    ISBN 0-920621-02-3.

    An analysis of information released by twenty federal agencies and the suggested means for regular access case reporting, endorsed by the sponsoring Canadian Rights and Liberties Federation.


  • Suggested Changes To Canada's 1982 Privacy Act.
    ISBN 0-920621-19-8.

    A review of some of the weaknesses of this data protection act, including problems such as computer matching, legislation overriding privacy protection, and third party access to personal files that threaten the existence of federal privacy legislation, and ways to improve Canadians' privacy rights.

  • How Private is Private?
    ISBN 0-920621-10-4.

    Personal experiences in using federal privacy legislation are highlighted. Contemporary privacy issues are also examined in this report sponsored by the Canadian Rights and Liberties Federation.

  • Prying Eyes: A Review and Indictment of the 1982 Canadian Privacy Act.
    ISBN 0-920621-12-0.

    Restrictions Canadians face in applying for their files and the many parties with access to such personal information are major problems described in this critical review of Canadian privacy legislation.

  • Essays on Privacy Invasion 1976-1986.
    ISBN 0-920621-14-7.

    This collection includes articles on privacy abuses, and describes some of the abuses - computer matching, compulsory drug testing, electronic monitoring, social insurance number uses, and surveillance of dissidents.


  • A Citizen Discussion Paper on Proposed Federal Food Safety Legislation.
    ISBN 0-920621-50-0.

    A critical analysis of federal legislation on food safety introduced as Bill C-80.

  • Towards An Ecological Diet For Canadian Consumers - Some Regulatory Barriers And Citizen Action Strategies.
    ISBN 0-920621-99-6.

    A report outlining the need for an ecological diet, specific problems with achieving it, examples of useful actions and suggested strategies for citizen groups to consider.

  • Problems Faced By Public Interest Groups In Regulatory Interventions.
    ISBN 0-92062-16-3.

    A paper for the Science Council of Canada on the funding, information access and procedural problems consumer groups face in preparing and appearing before regulatory agencies.

  • Counter-Report on the Canadian Department of Consumer Affairs.
    ISBN 0-920621-18-X.

    A critical report of ineffective federal consumer protection measures, particularly in the field of car safety.

  • The Consumer Interest In Self Governing Professions.
    ISBN 0-920621-20-1.

    A review for the Canadian Consumer Council of the consumer relations, fee setting, discipline and other practices of selected professional groups.

  • Consumer Papers on Bell Canada 1978-85.
    ISBN 0-920621-30-9.

    A collection of articles and briefs on the weak regulation of Bell Canada, on measures designed to detrimentally affect residential telephone subscribers and on the need for a strong consumer protection package.

  • Inventory of Provincial Regulatory Agencies in Canada.
    ISBN 0-920621-26-0.

    Background material on provincial regulatory agencies prepared for the Canadian Consumer Council.

  • Brief to the Parliamentary Task Force on Regulatory Reform.
    ISBN 0-920621-28-7.

    A citizen view on needed regulatory reforms.

  • Food Store Self Help Projects and Food Aid Alternatives.
    1971 . either English/French .
    ISBN 0-920621-22-8.

    A study of five low income food cooperatives and the Canadian food aid system.

  • Food Cooperatives; Different People, Different Methods and Cooperative Goals.
    ISBN 0-920621-24-4.

    An essay exploring different types of food cooperative enterprises.


  • Our Newer Rights.
    ISBN 0-920621-09-0.

    A look at rights for peace, the environment, for information freedom, for workers and comparisons of the Canadian and U.N. rights charters.

  • Citizen Action Against Corporate Power in Canada.
    ISBN 0-920621-36-8.

    Case studies of citizen corporate campaigns on environmental, urban development, consumer, poverty, and international issues.

  • Voluntary Group Action for Public Safety.
    ISBN 0-920621-40-6.

    Descriptions of citizen action on food, nuclear, automobile, environmental, consumer product, and occupational health.

  • The National Citizen Participation Power Structure.
    ISBN 0-920621-34-1.

    An evaluation of federal government community development policies for youth, native groups and the poor.

  • Citizen Participation In A Consumer Oriented Transportation System In Canada.
    ISBN 0-920621-38-4.

    Case studies that describe citizen input on transportation issues like highway expansion and bus travel.

  • Citizen-Based Strategies.
    ISBN 0-920621-44-9.

    Essays on funding options, tactics, research policy and physical facility needs.

  • Neighbourhood Citizen Planning And Evaluation.
    ISBN 0-920621-01-5 And 03-1.

    Two case studies, one about an Ottawa low income citizen group's self-evaluation of its activities and the other, about another more affluent Ottawa citizen's group efforts to develop a neighbourhood plan with City Hall.

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