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Providing You With a FOI Workshop

In case you are considering using my services for undertaking a FOI workshop, below is an outline of what a half day to a full day session could look like that would be tailored to your needs.

I have given FOI workshops and presentations for media, labour, citizen, business groups and for information commissioner's offices.

“Ken is a pioneer in the Access to Information field... I recall Ken patiently teaching me how to use the law to obtain records that led to important stories I eventually did on Health Canada's drug approval regime and ways to improve it... many journalists have been able to benefit from Ken's expertness, not only as a resource, but as someone who has passed along many records we've used in our daily journalism. Hardly a month goes by when a story doesn't appear in major media outlets based on documents Ken has provided.”

David McKie, CBC National Radio reporter, January 10, 2011



  1. preliminaries - introductions/agenda

  2. why the access route, pros and cons

  3. background to access includes: the concept of the public's right to know, the status/evaluation of federal and provincial-territorial freedom of information legislation, the different players involved

  4. the rules of access ( coverage, records, fees, times, exemptions, complaints, judicial review...)


  5. the steps of access (framing, monitoring, reviewing, follow up)

  6. user tips

  7. plan of action/strategy

Afternoon (Optional):

  • participants are provided with hypothetical topics either together or in small groups to
    try the access process out.

  • I would also draw from my access experiences and discuss your own access experiences with you or work with you on areas in which you want access requests filed.

Hope to be hearing from you!

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