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Digging for Data Over The Years: 1970 – 2019

Digging for Data Over The Years: 1970-2019 is a digital collection on DVD bringing together much of the past investigative work and views of Canadian public interest researcher Ken Rubin.

Many of the included ground breaking stories by journalists spanning over four decades are based on Ken Rubin’s access to information forays on subjects like asbestos, the sponsorship scandal and air and food safety. This DVD reference aide is especially useful as the wide range of materials brought together are readily retrievable through key word searches.

The over 3,800 pages of print media stories and articles should be of interest to journalists, lawyers, advocates, community groups, researchers, students, politicians, public employees, trade associations and others.

Ken Rubin has acted as an access research consultant to many groups and appeared before several parliamentary committees. In many instances, his use of freedom of information legislation has resulted in the release of previously hidden information on matters of government and corporate waste, shoddy safety practices, and the plights individuals face. As well, some of his Federal Court actions are among those referred to as benchmark cases.

To order this updated edition, please send $90 by cheque or money order payable to:
Ken Rubin c/o 212 Third Avenue Ottawa K1S 2K3.

Ken can be reached at info@kenrubin.ca

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