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Grants to date from the Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund

Parents of Black Children Canada 10-May-24 3,500.00 To support Parents of Black Children Canada with preparing materials in 2024 both for legal intervention in cases where Black children in the educational system are facing discrimination and for advocacy workshops for their parents. More specifically, documentation for discrimination cases, procedural legal work needed to file human rights claims, research needed to examine potential class action lawsuits against school boards that perpetuate discriminatory practices, and materials for advocacy workshops for parents, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate and challenge education institutes’ discriminatory practices.
Theatre Passe Muraille 01-May-24 1,000.00 To support Theatre Passe Muraille for a current and one future theatre production that engages members of the blind and low vision community in these plays, through audience attendance and community workshops. More specifically, our Advocacy Fund will fund this aspect of the two plays, “Camille” (2024) and “Blind Dates” (2025) and the prelude community public events to these productions that invite as the attendees and as participants, members of the blind and low vision community.
Small Change Fund 20-Feb-24 3,000.00 To support the Centre for Health Science and Law in partnership with the Small Change Fund for 2024 action research examining the right to safe, healthy, accessible and affordable food in Canada. Specifically, to fund a probe and a report by or before October 2024 that examines regulatory, legal, class action efforts and international commitments needed to create duties to warn about risks and or provide basic service that can put forward and advocate for a right to safe, healthy, accessible, and affordable food in Canada. This report is meant to kick-start and outline a larger effort and campaign to see healthy food issues through the lens of needed legal and regulatory efforts and obligations.
Ontario Farmland Trust 17-Oct-23 2,000.00 To support Ontario Farmland Trust for its fall/winter public webinar series on alternative models and action for farmland and environment protection. Specifically, to fund briefing materials by staff and research by speakers for the webinars that will work towards innovative easements and land access models with a grant of $2,000.
Avalon Sexual Assault Centre 18-Sept-23 3,500.00 To support Can’t Buy My Silence in partnership with Avalon Seexual Assault Centre to undertake a public and media awareness and education on the pitfalls of non-disclousure (NDAs) and reforms needed. Specifically: $500-Campaign logistic tour manual. $2,000-Campaign and briefing materials and research. $1,000-Furthering the use of your NDA case/audio material.
Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) 18-Aug-23 2,500.00 To support the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH) with the research and script writing for an informative video on homelessness.
Succession 14-Aug-23 3,000.00 To support the Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) 2023 Ottawa research and awareness campaign for preparing an information resource kit that will identify common climate misinformation arguments in Ottawa while outlining energy transition plans for Ottawa.
Evidence to Action Research Institute (E2A) 11-July-23 2,500.00 To support a partnership with Evidence for Democracy (E4D) for a summer-fall 2023 public awareness project in Ottawa that will develop, and present materials aimed at fostering a more informed citizenry that helps bridge the gap between science, policy, and society.
Environmental Defence Canada 13-Feb-23 2,500.00 To support a 2023 project to communicate findings on the systemic use of single-use plastic packaging in grocery stores.
Environmental Defence Canada 13-Feb-23 2,500.00 To support undertaking a Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve (DRAP) Lands Public Environmental Alert Research Report.
Environmental Defence Canada 13-Feb-23 2,500.00 To support a 2023 project to communicate findings on the systemic use of single-use plastic packaging in grocery stores.
Manitoba Eco-Network (MbEN) 16-Jan-23 2,500.00 To support an expert’s critique report and cross-examination concerning the Sio Silica Inc’s. proposed Vivian Sand Extraction Project that would greatly affect southeastern Manitoba’s underground water resources.
Public Interest Advocacy Centre 31-Oct-23 500.00 To support the annual Ken Rubin Consumer Privacy and Information Rights Award for individuals or a group whose efforts have advanced and highlighted privacy protection and/or freedom of information.
Centretown Community Health Centre Inc. (CCHC) 07-June-22 25,000.00 To support the Ottawa People’s Commission on the Convoy Occupation for various needs:

  • Communications Plan
  • Website / Social Media Channels
  • Plan for Commissioner hearings
  • Reporting Capacity
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Story Collection
  • Stakeholders committee

Allotted from June 2022 grant for $550 each to:

  • Action Sandy Hill
  • Centretown Community Association
  • Dalhousie Community Association
  • Lower Town Community Association
  • Overbrook Community Association
  • Vanier Community Association
ACORN Institute Canada (in partnership with ACORN Canada) 31-Aug-21 3,500.00 To support a project that would facilitate greater public education and engagement on the issue of high-interest instalment lending and the need for fairer banking opportunities for low-income consumers.
University of Toronto (for the Investigative Journalism Bureau, Dalla Lana School of Public Health 14-Jun-21 2,500.00 To support an investigation and report into patient safety problems and experiences at selected Ontario hospitals.
Vancouver Food Runners Society 1-Mar-21 1,500.00 To support a project to create a web-based information and advocacy portal to increase education and awareness around food recovery, food use and food insecurity issues.
Ryerson University (for J-Source) 26-Nov-20 3,000.00 J-Source in partnership with the Ryerson School of Journalism and the Carleton School of Journalism and Communication to develop a press freedom tracker data base (The Canada Press Freedom Project) that publicly reports on violations and threats to press freedom in Canada.
Concordia University (for the Institute for Investigative Journalism) 27-Aug-20 2,500.00 To support a project examining corporate data manipulation of personal data.
Environmental Defence Canada 27-Aug-20 1,500.00 To support a project to create and distribute a video on the environmental destruction that would be caused by the proposed Highway 413 north of Toronto.
Concordia University (for the Institute for Investigative Journalism) 27-Jul-20 500.00 A shortterm project to probe into provincial treatment of drinking water resources. The Institute for Investigative Journalism (IIJ) at Concordia University will frame, file, and follow information requests in Western Canada that examine those provinces’ watershed management practices and their allocation of water resources to Indigenous communities. The findings will form part of IIJ’s Fall 2020 national report on First Nations communities’ water
infrastructure shortfalls and crises.
Environmental Defence Canada 27-Jul-20 2,500.00 To engage communities in combatting urban sprawl in  Ontario.
Ryerson University – School of Journalism 24-Jun-20 3,000.00 To support the development and maintenance of a local news map that tracks gains and losses in local news reporting.
Imagine Canada 24-Apr-20 3,000.00 To support member groups, NGOs, and public awareness through research, surveying and a communications campaign project for the next several months given the COVID-19 crisis and the challenges surrounding the survival of NGOs and charities.
Canadian Civil Liberties Association 22-Apr-20 3,000.00 To develop and maintain a public awareness resource guidebook on privacy and access-to-information issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Inter Pares (for International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group) 19-Feb-20 4,250.00 To support a project for a public education and engagement campaign using a series of five videos on facial recognition, encryption, no fly list, secret trials and security inadmissibility, and counter-radicalization.
Ecology Action Centre 19-Feb-20 3,500.00 To develop an early warning communications campaign project on inappropriate and risky coastal development in Nova Scotia.
Tides Canada (for the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network) 19-Feb-20 3,000.00 To support the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) for a CBAN public education campaign project on the risks of gene-editing.
Environmental Defence Canada 23-Jan-20 2,500.00 To investigate the presence of toxic products sold at dollar stores in Canada.
Women’s Healthy Environments Network 26-Apr-19 3,000.00 To promote public awareness through a toxic-free beauty personal care project.
Succession (for Ecology Ottawa) 31-Jan-19 3,000.00 To promote public awareness for sustainable practices and alternatives in Ottawa’s transit systems.
Inter Pares (for International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group) 31-Jan-19 3,000.00 The development of an illustrated web comic on the story of Hassan Diab’s plight and for a public
awareness video on the shortcomings of and reform  possibilities for Canada’s  extradition Act.
Valley Regional Hospital Foundation 13-Dec-18 1,200.00 Support for the Young Leaders Council partnership with the youth group Stage Whispers.
University of Toronto (for Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy) 31-Jul-18 3,000.00 To increase awareness among transition houses, law enforcement agencies, and the public about the privacy and safety risks posed by stalkerware.
Environmental Defence Canada 31-Jul-18 2,500.00 To support the development of a social media video and backgrounder to emphasize a zero plastic waste environment.
Environmental Defence Canada 31-Jul-18 2,500.00 To support a project related to the chemical BPA/BPS in increasing awareness of the exposure risk posed by the use of thermal paper for retail receipts.
Inter Pares (for Copagen, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and Vigilance OGM) 29-Jun-18 3,000.00 To increase public awareness among affected communities and Canadians about release and use of new genetically modified mosquitoes as a way of combating malaria
ACORN Institute Canada 23-Feb-18 3,000.00 To support research and education initiatives on issues surrounding high interest pay day loans and possible alternative banking opportunities for low-income consumers.
Friends of the Earth 23-Feb-18 2,750.00 To support the preparation of a report and the dissemination of its finding, related to the fossil fuel holdings held by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.
Canadian Council For International Co-Operation 31-Aug-17 3,000.00 To support the use of social media streaming platforms and interviews in relation to the October 20, 2017 Conference on future NGO directions.
Environmental Defence Canada Inc. 31-May-17 2,500.00 To facilitate public education and engagement in addressing consumer exposure to toxins in personal care and cleaning products
Steelworkers Humanity Fund Inc. 31-May-17 2,600.00 Research and public awareness activities related to the impact of Canadian mining operations overseas.
Inter Pares (for International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group) 31-Mar-17 2,750.00 The development and distribution of three short videos on: (1) national security oversight and review (2) issues concerning anti-terrorism legislation (3) deradicalization.
Inter Pares (for Canadian Health Coalition) 31-Mar-17 2,500.00 To prepare communications materials for the mid-April conference in 2017 on a national public drug program for Canada and to use extracts from the conference proceeding for use on social media platforms
Inter Pares (for Food Secure Canada 28-Feb-17 2,500.00 To prepare communications advocacy materials for a 2017 New Farmers Initiative engagement project through the creation of a video to encourage new food initiatives and a toolkit for outreach purposes.
Canadian Health and Environment Education Research Foundation 31-Jan-17 2,500.00 To support a pilot webinar in Ontario on active sustainable travel that would encourage health professionals to become advocates for their patients and communities using public transit, walking, and cycling.
Ecojustice 22-Sept-16 2,000.00 To raise public awareness on the impacts tailing ponds are having on migratory birds in the Alberta tar sands region.
Inter Pares 13-Sept-16 2,500.00 To prepare outreach materials and hold workshops for migrant workers in cooperation with Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW), a collective group assisting migrant workers.
Tooker Gomberg Greenspiration Fund (for Ecology Ottawa) 18-Apr-16 2,000.00 To support a project to promote public awareness for sustainable alternatives in Ottawa’s streetscape by:
– Preparation/launch of a street map that will profile over 100 Ottawa streets due for reconstruction over the next several years
– Monitoring street restoration projects and continuing to engage residents in improving streets planning
Environmental Defence Canada (EDC) 18-Dec-15 2,500.00 To support a public awareness project in 2016 to raise awareness of the problems BPA (Bisphenol-A) use in the lining and lids of canned foods poses to health and the environment.
Tides Canada Foundation (for Open Media Education Fund) 18-Dec-15 2,500.00 Project 1: Establishing in 2016 a Right to Information (RTI) Archives for Five Eyes Countries that will facilitate tracking RTI requests and information obtained on privacy and surveillance activities in Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand that connects key RTI users, experts, the media and the public – $1,000.00

Project 2: Developing in 2016 an Educational Interactive Blog Engagement Series that seeks and documents personal stories of privacy invasion and presents privacy issues concerning data tracking, drone surveillance, and encryption – $1,500.00

Inter Pares 20-Oct-15 2,000.00 To produce a report, presentations, video testimony and hold a Montreal meeting on the issue of Canadian pension funds assisting in the financing of land purchases in Brazil.
Crohn’s and Colitis Canada (for Gotta Go) 20-Oct-15 1,200.00 To support the Gotta Go! Public event on November 14, 2015 aimed at getting greater community and media awareness of the need for public toilets in the Ottawa area.
Ottawa Carleton Board of Education (for the Mamawi Together project) 11-May-15 1,000.00 Project 1: to develop public awareness materials for the Ottawa truth and reconciliation mural art initiative of the Mamawi:Together project working out of Pleasant Park Public School. $700
Project 2: to join in sponsoring a May, 2015 public lecture at Rideau High School by TRC Commissioner Marie Wilson. $300
Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC) 30-Apr-15 2,000.00 To produce information and educational background sheets on a) inequality and human rights, b) climate change and environmental sustainability, c) women’s rights and gender equity, and d) universality.
Inter Pares (for the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group) 31-OCt-14 2,000.00 To produce an information and educational brochure for a 2014 human rights conference (10 years after the O’Connor Commission) and a short educational video for public and on-line distribution highlighting the key moments from the conference.
Tides Canada Foundation (for Open Media Education Fund) 15-Jun-14 2,500.00 Project 1: Widening OpenMedia’s privacy coalition in 2014 – $900.00
Project 2: Content for OpenMedia’s privacy interactive action/hub website – $1,600.00
Environmental Defence Canada Inc. 15-May-14 2,500.00 To support community meetings in Ontario to raise awareness about the Energy East proposed pipeline.
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) 28-Fed-14 2,000.00 To produce a background regulatory and legal analysis report on establishing a buffer zone around Gros Morne National Park.
FAIR Canada 12-Dec-13 2,000.00 To assist with the production of videos highlighting the experiences of whistle blowers.
Tides Canada Foundation (for the Rideau Institute Research Fund) 23-Sep-13 1,500.00 To support public awareness discussions on Canada’s arms trade.
Sierra Club of Canada Foundation (for Ecology Ottawa) 23-Sep-13 1,750.00 To assist in raising awareness of Energy East proposed pipeline’s effect on the Ottawa area and the Rideau River.
Sierra Club of Canada Foundation 23-Sep-13 2,000.00 To support public awareness projects related to endangered species protection, including the Laura the Dragonfly series.
Inter Pares 16-Sep-13 1,500.00 To support preparing research materials for and the recording of tax justice NGO workshops.
Oxfam Canada (for Voices-Voix) 16-Sep-13 1,800.00 To produce short on-line videos intended to raise public awareness of suppression of advocacy and dissent.
Canary Research Institute for Mining, Environment and Health 26-Jun-13 1000.00 To help produce and distribute a video to raise awareness of the plight of abused women at a Canadian off-shore mining operations site in Papua New Guinea.
Tides Canada Foundation (for the Rideau Institute Research Fund) 23-Jan-13 1500.00 For research as well as the preparation of a brief and other educational materials meant to increase the public’s understanding of the influence that major defence contractors and their representatives have on Canadian defence policy and procurements.
Transport Action 28-Sept-12 1600.00 To assist in developing materials for and a report on cross-country town-hall meetings held to improve and keep rail services.
Sierra Club of Canada Foundation 31-May-12 1260.00 To assist in creating the technological-based operations for the blackout campaign for raising public awareness on reduced environmental assessments, as well as providing funds for an environmental law teach-in.
Tides Canada Initiatives Society (for OpenMedia) 27-Sept-11 1000.00 To assist in the development of three video ads and one short documentary for the Stop Online Spying Campaign.
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition 18-May-11 1000.00 To assist a 2012 – 13 action research campaign that will review, question and change Canadian universities’ funding received from oil and gas energy companies, especially those with investments in Alberta’s oil sands projects.
Inter Pares (for the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group) 12-Apr-11 750.00 To assist the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG) project facilitating an April 27, 2011 brain storming discussion among civil liberty lawyers contemplating legal action on no fly lists and new US Secure flight rules and Bill C-42.
Inter Pares 7-Jan-10 750.00 To assist a grass roots forum in Montreal on police tactics and accountability.
Canary Research Institute For Mining, Environment and Health 24-Noc-09 750.00 To provide images of lakes across Canada threatened by mine tailings via the web to generate concern and action to protect these water bodies.
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network 24-Nov-09 500.00 For public awareness around concerns about the inadequate safety approval process for an eight-trait GE corn called “smartstax” to include a public session and a citizen letter writing campaign.
Rideau Institute 6-Jun-09 750.00 To raise awareness about the safety and export of asbestos.
Ottawa Riverkeeper 24-Sep-08 750.00 To conduct in 2008, 2009 a Public Right to Know Campaign for municipalities to notify the public about raw sewage releases and to strengthen the wastewater regulations under the federal Fisheries Act.
Canadian Biodiversity Institute 12-Dec-07 750 To raise climate change public awareness via establishing Capital women’s discussion groups.
Physicians for Global Survival Canada 13-Apr-06 500 To assist an education project on Nuclear Weapons: Canada’s Role.
National Anti-Poverty Organization 12-Apr-06 500 Project 1: Life on the Street Interactive Website
Project 2: A Play Script on Youth Poverty
Canary Research Institute For Mining, Environment and Health 14-Sep-05 500 To help assist NGO speakers at an Ottawa October 20-21, 2005 workshop regarding the regulation of Canadian mining companies operating internationally.
St. Mary’s Home 8-Dec-04 350 To assist unwed mothers gain confidence by producing a yearbook.
Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace (for the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group) 18-Dec-03 500 To assist in the exchange communications of NGO groups coming from around the world and Canada to strategize and share their civil liberty responses post September 11 in preparation for a February 2004 meeting in Ottawa.
Canadian Organic Growers Association 14-Mar-03 500 To assist in the preparations across Canada for a National April 1, 2003 GE Awareness Day concerning the use of public agriculture research stations to grow experimental GE crops.