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Ken and Debbie Rubin
Public Interest Advocacy Fund

The Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund provides small grants to novel action projects within Canada that might not otherwise be funded. It was set up in 1999 as an advised fund within the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Ken and Debbie Rubin have been active for many years in many public interest issues. This is their way of seeing that others are able to undertake stimulating projects.

Applications will be considered, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • social justice projects
  • consumer and environmental health and safety issues
  • freedom of information and privacy rights
  • food safety and sustainable food production
  • civil liberties issues
  • public interest investigations
  • public interest research training
  • innovative community projects

What the Fund looks for is cutting-edge, innovative, manageable, and change-oriented public awareness projects. Applicants can be groups or individuals, and must have access to a charitable tax number. Funding is modest, in the one thousand to three thousand range or more, for special projects. Funding is not provided for on-going regular activities, salaries, transportation, translation, organizational maintenance or equipment purchases and rentals. Projects can either be local, regional, national or international in scope.

Applicants should describe the public interest action project they have in mind, its budget, timing, novelty, and expected outcomes, other funding sources, their own backgrounds and interests, and what the stand-alone or part of a larger project the sought-after funds would be used for. Successful applicants are expected to file a brief evaluation report on completion of their project.

Applicants to the Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund should apply for funding care of the above email.