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Advocacy of public interest issues has defined my working life. Captured here are some of the written results of that advocacy work drawn from articles, studies, columns, news stories, submissions and representations.



Investigations and Writings

This searchable year-by-year subject reference aide from 2021 back to 1970 contains some of the past investigative research of Ken Rubin as presented through print media stories and through his own writings.

  • Recent publications

“Tales from the front line: Canada’s FOI Warrior”, Ken Rubin in FOI at 10: Freedom fighting or lazy journalism?, Felle, Tom and Mair, John (2015) (eds), Bury St Edmunds: Abramis, England, pp. 205-213; ISBN: 978 -1-84549-646-3 (Click here for a summary)

This British publication contains a chapter reviewing Ken Rubin’s work in Canada with the media and public and some of his FOI war stories. The book has interesting accounts of Britain’s ten year FOI history as well as having chapters on various other countries’ FOI experiences

“Managing Information: Too Much Publicity, Not Enough Public Disclosure”, Ken Rubin and Kirsten Kozolanka, in Publicity and the Canadian State: Critical Communications Perspectives, University of Toronto Press, 2014, p. 195-214; ISBN: 978-1-4426-1590-8

This Canadian publication contains a chapter that provides one of the few analysis of Canada’s problematic Access to Information Act. The book examines Canadian governments’ increasingly tighter information controls and messaging

  • “Access & Activism: An Investigator’s Journey” Ken Rubin, Ottawa Magazine, Volume 18, number 4, October 2015, p. 7, 22-25 Click here

This Ottawa Magazine article highlights some of Ken Rubin’s work as an advocate and investigative researcher. Readers are taken through some of the many issues tackled, with a focus on Canada’s none-too-accountable food industry.

  • “A Lifetime Spent Battling Secrecy: Some Significant Struggles” Ken Rubin, self-published on-line, November, 2015,ISBN 978-0-98654-3-3 Click here

This article provides significant FOI/RTI case materials and incorporates previously published materials from two long freedom of information struggles to get data on food industry practices and access to the National Capital Commission records

  • Digging for Data Over the Years (click here) is an edited collection on DVD bringing together much of the past investigative work of Canadian public interest researcher Ken Rubin as presented through print media stories. The DVD, which is available for purchase, also contains an array of magazine and newspaper articles written by Ken Rubin, primarily on access matters.
  • Publications Order List (click here) brings together the past studies by Ken Rubin on information access, privacy, citizen participation and consumer reports, including on Canada’s food system.
  • Hill Times Column on Open Government has for over twenty years had public interest researcher Ken Rubin commenting on matters ranging from asbestos export disclosures to different Prime Minister’s secrecy practices. Columns can be found on the Hill Times web site or on the Digging for Data Over the Years DVD.
  • Ottawa Citizen occasional op eds commentaries primarily on local and FOI issues

Submissions and Representations