What comes back, goes back!

Over the years, I have documented my research and writing work as set out on my website.

Sometimes, thanks to the reach of the internet, I come across further use of my work.

In conducting a recent search in early 2018, over fifty years later, this meant coming across a reference in the Ed Schreyer’s archival papers that in his time as premier of Manitoba, he had put a paper I did way back in 1967 in his Manitoba Archives collection, referenced as being found in Box 8 folder 5.

I was surprised and requested my long forgotten unidentified paper. It was sent to me by a Manitoba archivist and turned out to be an university graduate paper I did on Canada’s single enterprise company towns.

Perhaps the then premier of Manitoba had made use of the essay done.

The archivist removed the paper entirely from the Schreyer archive holdings grumbling to me why donors got tax receipts for material that wasn’t theirs in the first place.